Building Blocks & Reference Platform

Building blocks are enterprise-ready, reusable software components that provide key functionality facilitating generic workflows across multiple sectors.


  • Reusable software components 
  • Open-source, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), or freely available with open access to data​ 
  • Facilitates one or more generic workflows​ 
  • Applicable to multiple use cases across multiple sectors​ 
  • Interoperable with other ICT building blocks​ 
  • Designed for scalability and extensibility​ 
  • Standards-based

You can access & comment on our building blocks through our reference platform

Sandbox Environment  

Sandboxes are digital testing environments that enable users and developers to experiment with BB functionalities and interfaces. The GovStack Sandbox will be the testing ground for software products from general market compliant with the building blocks’ specifications. 

  • The GovStack initiative will build prototypes of six e-government services in the Sandbox and illustrate how the building block approach can be put into practice. 
  • The sandbox will be publicly available and enable anyone to understand and experiment with building block implementations. 
  • The sandbox will be made replicable to enable others to build up their own integrated testing environment.  

Country Pilots

GovStack is currently piloted in selected partner countries. In these countries,  prototypes for government e-services are developed based on GovStack’s building blocks.  

We collaborate with governments in the following three areas: 

Digital Strategy 

Together with our partner countries, we support the development of digital strategies that utilize GovStack’s building block approach. We enable partners to integrate our building blocks into existing strategies. In doing so we identify the most pressing needs and conduct requirement engineering for specific use cases.  

Technical Design of e-services & Prototyping 

Together with our partners, we identify the most promising use cases for prototyping and piloting. Using GovStack can save governments years of work, since they can build their use cases on the technical specifications developed as part of the GovStack Initiative. Prototyping is implemented in GovStack’s sanboxsandbox environment. 

Capacity Development 

Using GovStack’s building block approach requires local capacities in government as well as in the private sector. It’s part of GovStack’s mission to support partner countries in building these capacities. Our partners can develop local capacity through the participation in international and regional Communities of Practice as well as tailormade capacity development service packages. 

Communities of Practice

GovStack aspires to become a global knowledge hub for the digitization of government services. Close interaction with digital government leaders across the world assures quality of GovStack’s activities.  

Our communities of practice consist of a: 

Technical Review Committee  

The Technical Review Committee acts as an external quality assurance group that revises the results provided by Building Block Working Groups. The Committee reviews, validates and approves final deliverables and provides an impartial expert opinion on building block specifications.  

Digital Leaders Forum 

The Digital Leaders Forum provides a space for the exchange of best practices between e-government leaders. It is an opportunity to learn from the experiences of other countries. For GovStack the forum is a great opportunity to ensure that our service offering is informed by global best practices. 

GovStack CoP in collaboration with the Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA) 

This CoP consists of a group of global experts who convene to support the discovery, assessment, and advancement of high-potential digital public goods and digital public infrastructure that could be relevant for the GovStack context. 

Have an idea for a new community of practice? Contact us here. 

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