Accelerating the digital transformation of government services

Our vision is that in five years, we can empower governments to take ownership of their digital futures by building more effective and cost-efficient digital government services.

Context and Challenge

Digital government services are vital for fostering economic growth, developing the digital economy and promoting trust in government institutions.  

Governments struggle to keep pace with the digitalization trend due to budget constraints, the coordination between agencies and siloed investments in digitization.

Our Solution

GovStack solves these problems by developing specifications for reusable software components called “building blocks” that can be used to inform design in various e-government services. Existing solutions will be analyzed regarding their compliance with GovStack’s specifications and new products can be developed based on them and facilitating market linkage to proven solutions demonstrating this concept.

Reusing the same components in multiple government e-services, instead of constantly reinventing the wheel reduces cost, opens digital siloes and makes coordination easier. 

The GovStack Sandbox is a digital playground for testing our building blocks specifications. 

In the Sandbox, we show prototypes of how the software components that comply to our building blocks specifications can be used to digitize real-world e-government services.

GovStack is a community-led initiative

Successful e-government requires public, private, and civil society organization to work together. Therefore GovStack is a multi-stakeholder initiative.

You can join our efforts in the following ways:  

  1. Become a pilot country 
  2. Join the tech community and support the development of new building block specifications 
  3. Join a community of practice and exchange with fellow practitioners  
Join the Community