Accelerating the digital transformation of government services

GovStack's open-source community is leading the world in establishing the global toolkit for the digitalization of public sector infrastructure.

Our Offerings



We work with governments to identify real-life scenarios for digital services – called use cases - that benefit their citizens.



We provide an open demonstration environment for developers to learn about and test the building block approach.  



We collaborate to provide capacity building, trainings, and support designing strategies, among other offerings.



We offer a platform to research the market of digital services and find business opportunities and tenders.

Our Impact

GovStack by the Numbers

12 Building Block Specifications Published
14 Reference Use Cases Published
261 Individual Contributors
17 Products on GovExchange
5 Communities of Practice

Global showcase

Digital Leaders Spotlight  Rwanda

Digital Leaders Spotlight: Rwanda

By the end of 2024 the Government of Rwanda (GoR) wants to digitise all 600 of its remaining analogue services.

Aug 30, 2023
Digital Leaders Spotlight  Egypt

Digital Leaders Spotlight: Egypt

Egypt’s eGovernment Implementation Plan 2030 is ambitious and has the potential to make a significant impact on the country.

Aug 30, 2023


We are proud to be launching the latest round of GovStack technical tools 🎉

The new GovSpecs include tech specs for 3 new building blocks, 10 reference use cases, + guidelines for UI/UX best practices.

Dive in to start using & applying these tools:

Today, the #RwandaEPRBlueprint for Electronics was unveiled. Journey towards responsible e-waste management, embracing #GovStack principles begins!
40 + participants, we're opening doors to new partnerships. 🤝 @RURA_RWANDA @InspectorateRw @RISARwanda

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