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Aim: Become a key partner for regional piloting and incorporating GovStack into country-level digitalization strategies. The GovStack approach can be incorporated into policy and can also guide the design, prototype, and scaling of digital services.

GovStack works with selected partner countries to support the implementation of the GovStack building block approach to prototype government e-services. We offer a range of service packages for countries depending on where they are in their digital development journey. 


We collaborate with governments in three main areas: 

Digital government strategy   

Together with our partner countries, we support the development of digital strategies that use GovStack’s building block approach. We enable partners to integrate building blocks into existing strategies. In doing so we identify the most pressing needs and conduct the strategic, technical, and regulatory prerequisites for specific, prioritized e-government use cases.

Technical design of e-services & prototyping   

Together with our partner countries, we identify the most promising use cases for basic prototyping and piloting. Using GovStack can save governments years of work, by providing the necessary technical specifications upfront.

Capacity development   

Using GovStack’s building block approach requires local capacities in governments as well as in the private sector. Part of GovStack’s mission is to support partner countries in building these technical and methodological skills, such as through our Implementation Playbook and through trainings. We support local Communities of Practice, as well as participation in international and regional Communities of Practice, including our CIO Digital Leaders Forum, Women in GovTech, WSIS Digital Service Design Special Prize, and work with the DPGA.  

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