The GovStack initiative aims to build a common understanding and technical practice on fundamental reusable and interoperable digital components, which we collectively refer to as Building Blocks. Our effort is expert-driven and community-based, and includes the participation of multiple stakeholders to bring together expertise for strengthening a government’s cross-agency architecture view. Our focus is to enable countries to kickstart their digital transformation journey by adopting, deploying, and scaling digital government services. Through the digital “building blocks” approach, governments can easily create or modify their digital platforms, services, and applications by also simplifying cost, time, and resource requirements.

This initiative is an extension of the earlier effort established by the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on development of a normative logical framework called the SDG Digital Investment Framework. The framework is an empirical abstraction that demonstrates the common approach used by countries that are recognized as leading examples in transforming government services through digitalization, by considering the core, shared, and reusable elements within a platform-based architecture. Some of these leading country examples include (but are not limited to): 

Listen also Hani Eskandar, Senior Coordinator in ITU, talk about GovStack in the e-Governance Conference.

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