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GovSpecs: Specifications for Building Blocks

Building blocks are interoperable and reusable software components that provide key functionality facilitating generic workflows across multiple sectors.  

GovStack is defining the technical specifications that define each building block. We welcome community participation in this process – you can access and comment on the first wave of GovSpecs via GitBook: https://govstack.gitbook.io/specification/

We aim to facilitate access to and awareness of proven solutions that prioritize interoperability and open standards. As part of our roadmap for 2023, we are finalizing a process to analyze existing solutions for compliance with GovSpecs. For now, you can browse products and building blocks in the Catalog of Digital Solutions. 

GovTest: Sandbox Environment  

Sandboxes are digital testing environments that enable users and developers to experiment with software product functionalities and interoperability. The GovStack Sandbox will be the testing ground for building blocks (products from the general market that are GovSpecs compliant.) 

The sandbox will be publicly available and will enable anyone to experiment with building block implementations. The environment will also be made replicable to enable others to build up their own integrated testing environment.   

Country Engagement

GovStack works with selected partner countries to support the implementation of the GovStack building block approach to prototype government e-services. 

We collaborate with governments in three main areas:  

Digital government strategy  

Together with our partner countries, we support the development of digital strategies that use GovStack’s building block approach. We enable partners to integrate building blocks into existing strategies. In doing so we identify the most pressing needs and conduct the strategic, technical, and regulatory prerequisites for specific, prioritized e-government use cases.   

Technical design of e-services & prototyping  

Together with our partner countries, we identify the most promising use cases for basic prototyping and piloting. Using GovStack can save governments years of work, by providing the necessary technical specifications upfront. Prototyping of services will be carried out in the GovStack sandbox environment.  

Capacity development  

Using GovStack’s building block approach requires local capacities in governments as well as in the private sector. Part of GovStack’s mission is to support partner countries in building these technical and methodological skills. We support local Communities of Practice in each country, as well as participation in international and regional Communities of Practice.

GovLearn: Learning Opportunities

GovStack aspires to be the global knowledge hub for digital transformation in government. The GovLearn offering includes communities of practice to support knowledge exchange, and will include access to trainings, playbooks, and courses on the learning platform we are building in 2023. 

Stay tuned for more on the GovStack Implementation Playbook and the new Learning Platform on Atingi. To learn more about our Communities of Practice, visit the Join the Community page.


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