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GovStack provides a global knowledge hub for digital egovernment, supporting countries on their digital transformation journeys. We offer tools, support, strategic guidance and communities of practice.

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What We Offer

Knowledge Hub & e-Learning

In our Knowledge Hub hosted on atingi, we offer e-learning and training to give government leaders the tools, knowledge, and strategic guidance to implement effective, sustainable and affordable digital services.  

Implementation Playbook

Our Implementation Playbook provides a guide for countries as they implement the GovStack building blocks approach as part of their digital service design.  

Communities of Practice and Digital Leaders Forum

Our Communities of Practice and Digital Leaders Forum provide topic-related or regional exchange forums where leaders and experts share knowledge and experiences related to the GovStack approach. Learn more about how to participate.  

Best Practices Collection

Our best practices collection features WSIS Special Prize on Digital Service Design Winners and Finalists, as well as, the Women in GovTech Challenge best projects. Learn more and participate in the next editions.  

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