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GovStack provides a wide range of opportunities for tech developers and experts to get involved.  

We welcome community participation in the process of developing and refining the specifications – you can access the latest release and current development versions of GovSpecs and use the “Give Feedback” menu to submit your comments. Your comments will automatically create issues in our issue management system. 

Contribute your valued expertise through: 

Meet our Working Group Members

Benjamin Balder Bach
Benjamin Balder Bach Open Source consultant and activist | Consent Building Block
Laurence Berry
Laurence Berry Director at Komo International | UI/UX Guidelines
Wesley Brown
Wesley Brown Product Owner at DIAL | Architecture Working Group
Lal Chandran
Lal Chandran Co-Founder and CTO at | Consent and Wallet Building Blocks
Steve Conrad
Steve Conrad Director of Technology at DIAL | Architecture Working Group
Taylor Downs
Taylor Downs CEO at OpenFn | Workflow and Information Mediator Building Blocks
Jaume Dubois
Jaume Dubois Senior Digital Expert at ID30 | ID and Wallet Building Blocks
David Goodman
David Goodman Chief Information Security Officer at | Wallet Building Block
David Higgins
David Higgins Head of Projects at Mifos | Payments Building Block
Martin Karner
Martin Karner Member of The Supervisory Board at GovConsult Foundation | Messaging Building Block
Arnold Kibuuka
Arnold Kibuuka Project Officer at ITU | Payments Building Block
Aare Lapõnin
Aare Lapõnin Senior Consultant | Workflow Building Block
Sebastian Leidig
Sebastian Leidig Co-Founder at Aam Digital | Registration and Digital Registries Building Blocks
Lotta Lundin
Lotta Lundin Co-founder and CEO at | Wallet Building Block
Venkatesen (Vijay) Mauree
Venkatesen (Vijay) Mauree Programme Coordinator at ITU | Payments Building Block
Mary Metias
Mary Metias ITSM Leader at Digital Egypt For Investment Co. | Wallet Building Block
Farai Mutero
Farai Mutero HISP South Africa | Workflow Building Block
Betty Mwema
Betty Mwema Senior Service Designer at GDS | UI/UX Guidelines
Rounak Nayak
Rounak Nayak Consultant at ITU I Wallet Building Block
Ramkumar Permachanahalli
Ramkumar Permachanahalli Senior Expert at ITU | Chief GovStack Architect
Aleksander Reitsakas
Aleksander Reitsakas Chairman of the Board and Partner at Aktors | Information Mediator Building Block
Smita Selot
Smita Selot Senior Manager at Technoforte Software | ID and Wallet Building Blocks
Rainer Türner
Rainer Türner IT Architect at Estonian Information System Authority | Messaging Building Block
Ingmar Vali
Ingmar Vali United Nations UNCTAD | Registration and Digital Registries Building Blocks
Uwe Wahser
Uwe Wahser IT Specialist at GIZ | Architecture Working Group
Namgay Wangmo
Namgay Wangmo Business Analyst at Druk Holding & Investments | Wallet Building Block

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