GovStack Branding Guidelines

At GovStack, we believe in the collaborative spirit of knowledge creation and progress. We can learn from every implementation of a building block approach, every digital solution which is tested, every shared reserach finding. GovStack is growing a shared knowledge hub for learnings and best practices that help governments around the globe to build better digital government services. 

We believe in making our offering easily accessible, so you can utilize our work and do not have to reinvent the wheel. Our work is guided by the GovStack principles and every organization that uses the “in collaboration with GovStack” branding agrees to confirm with them. By using the branding when applying the initiative’s tools and approach, organizations can benefit from GovStack’s reputation with increased visibility and credibility. With your valuable insights and feedback, we want to ensure that our resources remain at the cutting edge of technology and tailored to meet the unique needs of governments worldwide.

Are you interested in using the GovStack branding?

The GovStack collaboration logo allows organizations to use the GovStack products and approach or their global projects, while clearly marking the connection to the GovStack initiative and brand.


By using the “in cooperation with GovStack” logo you are confirming with the below mentioned principles. The GovStack initiative distances itself from actors who do not oblige with the below named principles which are reflected in the developed GovStack resources and upheld in implementation processes. 

We love success stories: Therefore we encourage you to reach out if you would like to use the GovStack branding, so we can share your success stories with our community.

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