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Women in GovTech Challenge 2023-24

For women leaders of GovTech

Meet the best projects from the 1st cohort of the challenge

We congratulate the following groups for their extraordinary projects:

  • Team 8 – Migration module:  In certain regions of India, three out of four households have at least one migrant, significantly impacting the national economy and society through various effects on individuals, households, and regions. A major challenge in addressing this issue lies in the conceptual difficulty of defining a migrant, as worker mobility can take multiple forms, including different places of residence and work, as well as varying commuting distances. To address these challenges, this digital service design focuses on unskilled labor migration, both national and international. This involves connecting migrants to relevant agencies for skill assessment and upskilling, providing a single digital repository for necessary documents and translations, and establishing a repository for funding schemes for businesses. The solution also includes provisions for grievance redressal, housing, utilities, and support for dependents.
    Group members:

    • Aparajita Dubey, Senior Program Associate, National Institute of Urban Affairs, India
    • Phoebe Lembi Mutua, Telecommunications Specialist, MINUSMA, Kenya
    • Elizabeth Chabaluka Masache, Information Services – Service Delivery Manager, Telekom Networks (mentor)
    • Liliana Fernandez Gomez, Data Governance Policy Specialist,  – Digital Frontiers Programme USAID (mentor)
  • Team 11 – Healthcare service portal: El Salvador, The Bahamas, and Zimbabwe are experiencing a growing enabling environment for digital services. This use case illustrates how GovStack principles can be implemented in each country to enhance digital healthcare service delivery and promote the adoption of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI). The digital service design considers three stages of managing health in a family: appointment management, service reception, and payment processing.
    Group members:
    • Yessenia Pennélope Henríquez Durán, Information Systems Specialist General Secretariat of the Central American Integration System (SG-SICA), El Salvador
    • Michelle Grell-Bereaux, National Digital ID Policy and Delivery Consultant, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Development, Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas
    • Tarisiro P. Kuzinya, Systems Integrations Analyst, ZINARA, Zimbabwe
    • Mateja Kunstelj, Digital Re-Engineering Advisor, UNDP, Slovenia (mentor)
    • Brenda Maniraguha, Project Manager and System Analyst, National Information Technology Authority, Uganda (mentor)
  • Team X – Universal Permanent Student (UPS) ID with Academic Credit Registry: Numerous e-learning platforms, including government-led open-source portals like DIKSHA in India and Darshak in Jordan, offer a range of educational opportunities. By acting as a facilitator, the government can connect learners with appropriate e-learning channels from both the private and public sectors. However, the absence of a unified access registry or ID incorporating learners’ educational data hinders the development of a cohesive e-learning ecosystem. To address this, Group X proposes that a digital government service be designed using a building blocks approach to create a single, verifiable Universal Permanent Student (UPS) ID, complemented by an Academic Credit Registry. This would provide a solid foundation for an integrated and efficient e-learning system.

    Group members:

    • Rupal Jain, Consultant, NITI Aayog, India
    • Rasha Abu-Marar, Programmer, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Jordan
    • Maha Ziad Mouasher, Studies and Research Officer- Engineer, Jordan (mentor)
    • María Isabel Silva, Head of Digital Services Experience, Digital Government Division, Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency, Chile (mentor)
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Meet the leaders of GovTech

Aimen Shahid
Aimen Shahid Program Officer, Punjab Information Technology Board, Pakistan
Aparajita Dubey
Aparajita Dubey Program Associate, National Institute of Urban Affairs, India
Monica Zurita Vivero
Monica Zurita Vivero Leader of Smart City Office, Government of Quito, Ecuador
Mantsane Kuleile
Mantsane Kuleile Projects Officer, Ministry of Finance, Lesotho
Mame Mariéme BA
Mame Mariéme BA Technicienne supérieur en réseau, Sénégal Numérique, Sénégal
Lana Mustafa Mohammad AL Adaileh
Lana Mustafa Mohammad AL Adaileh Head Section of the Strategic Projects \Computer Engineer Greater Amman Municipality /Information Technology Directorate, Jordan
Hana´a Dwairi
Hana´a Dwairi Service Desk Analyst, Ministry of Digital Economy And Entrepreneurship, Jordan
Erica Rosolen
Erica Rosolen National Director of Systems for Procurement of Goods and Services and Public Works, Argentina
Elen Peteyan
Elen Peteyan Assistant, Central Bank of Armenia, Armenia
Dina Alaqaileh
Dina Alaqaileh Women in GovTech Challenge 2023-24 participant
Cynthia Avero
Cynthia Avero Senior Inspection Officer, Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda, Uganda
Christabel Akinyi Odhiambo
Christabel Akinyi Odhiambo Legal Assistant, Judiciary, Kenya
Catalina Rodriguez Tapia
Catalina Rodriguez Tapia Digital Development Consultant, World Bank, United States of America
Charuda Luanglath 
Charuda Luanglath  Director of ePortal and Data Division, Digital Government Center, Ministry of Technology and Communications, Laos
Aishath Hassan
Aishath Hassan Development Project Coordinator, national Center for Information Technology, maldives
Aminata Omaru Tholley
Aminata Omaru Tholley Chief Technology Officer Ministry of Communications, Innovation and Technology, Sierra Leone
Buthaina Albawaleez
Buthaina Albawaleez IT Manager,Ministry of Local Administration, Jordan
Chippo Fatch
Chippo Fatch ICT officer, Department of the Registrar General, Malawi
Farah Alshbeekat
Farah Alshbeekat Head of Information Unit, Jordan Food and Drug Administration, Jordan
Karma Denkar
Karma Denkar Senior ICT Officer, GovTech Agency, Bhutan
Zita Bahire
Zita Bahire Senior Payment Operations Associate, Irembo Ltd, Rwanda
Khantuta Muruchi Escobar
Khantuta Muruchi Escobar Responsible for electronic government policies, AGENCY OF ELECTRONIC GOVERNMENT AND INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES, Bolivia
Larissa Galdino De Magalhães Santos
Larissa Galdino De Magalhães Santos Associate research, UNU EGOV, Brazil
Mai Haddad
Mai Haddad Strategy Planning (Researcher) & Government Excellance Assessor, Ministry Of political & Parlamntry Affairs, Jordan
Mary Metias
Mary Metias ITSM Leader, DEFI, Egypt
Natalie Maharaj
Natalie Maharaj Director ICT Services Division Ministry of Public Administration, Trinidad and Tobago
Ndeye Astou NDOYE
Ndeye Astou NDOYE Computer engineer; Agile project manager, Sénégal Numerique sa, Sénégal
Neli Rasovic
Neli Rasovic Vice President of Women4Cyber Montenegro (W4C MNE) / Representative of Montenegro to the Migration, Asylum, Refugees Regional Initiative, Women4Cyber Montenegro / MARRI, Montenegro
Nina Kunšič 
Nina Kunšič  Research and development associate, NIJZ, Slovenia
Nisreen Abu Khader 
Nisreen Abu Khader  Head of IT section at GTD, Government Tenders Department, Jordan
Paula Brenes Ramirez
Paula Brenes Ramirez Director, YoD Foundation, Costa Rica
Phoebe Lembi Mutua
Phoebe Lembi Mutua Telecommunications Specialist, MINUSMA, Kenya
Ra'easah Al-lataifeh
Ra'easah Al-lataifeh Computer engineer ( MOHE ), Ministry of higher Education, Jordan
Rawan Mohammad Allawi
Rawan Mohammad Allawi Computer Engineer, Telecommunication Regulatory commission, Jordan
Rebecca Mukite
Rebecca Mukite Head Public and International Relations , Uganda Communications Commission, Uganda
Reitumetse Ranthako
Reitumetse Ranthako Database Support Officer, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning- Treasury Department, Lesotho
Rida Qazi
Rida Qazi Head of Communications & Strategy, National Database and Registration Authority, Pakistan
Rittah Awuor
Rittah Awuor Senior Officer - Frequency Spectrum Data Management & Documentation Officer, Communications Authority of Kenya, Kenya
Roqaia Alrfou
Roqaia Alrfou Computer Engineer, Civil Service Bureau, Jordan
Rupal Jain
Rupal Jain Consultant, NITI Aayog, India
Sonia Najera Tarqui
Sonia Najera Tarqui Responsable for procurement, Regulatory and fiscal authority for telecommunciation and transport, Bolivia
Umu Hawa Kamara
Umu Hawa Kamara IT Assistant (Intern), Ministry of information and communication, Sierra Leone
Vera Lucia Villarroel Aquin
Vera Lucia Villarroel Aquin Head of Human Resources Telecommunications and Transportation Regulation and Supervision Authority, Bolivia
Victoria Josephine
Victoria Josephine IT Network Administrator, UNOC, Uganda
Shohre Javadi 
Shohre Javadi  Enterprise Architect, Correctional Service, Canada
Silvana Lorena Vidal Venturo
Silvana Lorena Vidal Venturo Undersecretary of Services and Digital Innovation Secretariat, Digital Government and Transformation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru (PCM), Peru
Sonia Bagumako 
Sonia Bagumako  Digital advisor (innovation project), GIZ/ANSI, Niger
Tarisiro P. Kuzinya
Tarisiro P. Kuzinya Systems Integrations Analyst, Zinara, Zimbabwe
Yawavi Djali Kloutse-Afangnivo
Yawavi Djali Kloutse-Afangnivo Microfinance inspector specialist, ministry of Economics and Finances, Togo
Yessenia Pennélope Henríquez Durán 
Yessenia Pennélope Henríquez Durán  Information Systems Specialist General Secretariat of the Central American Integration System (SG-SICA), El Salvador
Loreta Katok Tohomdet
Loreta Katok Tohomdet Graduate Assistantm, Airforce Institute of Technology kaduna, Nigeria
Lubna Abdalhadi
Lubna Abdalhadi Operation Manager inPublic Transport, Land Transport Regulatory Commission, Jordan
Maie El-Mahdy
Maie El-Mahdy Digital Transformation and Innovation Advisor, GIZ, Egypt
Marjana Vrh
Marjana Vrh Senior specialist advisor, National institute for public health, Slovenia
Maysa Almikhi 
Maysa Almikhi  Software Development Engineering, Jordanian Judicial Council, Jordan
Michelle Grell-Bereaux
Michelle Grell-Bereaux National Digital ID Policy and Delivery Consultant, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Development, Government of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas
Mosa Molahlehi 
Mosa Molahlehi  Senior systems analyst, Water commission, Lesotho
Mónica Thalía Sánchez Sabogal
Mónica Thalía Sánchez Sabogal Digital Platforms and Services Management Specialist Secretariat of Digital Government and Transformation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru (PCM), Peru
Catalina Plinschi 
Catalina Plinschi  Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Development and Digitalization Ministry of Economic Development and Digitalization of the Republic of Moldova
Rasha Abu- Marar 
Rasha Abu- Marar  Programmer, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Jordan
Raya Abusamra
Raya Abusamra Trainer, Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Jordan
Regina Maria Frieser
Regina Maria Frieser German Ministry for International Cooperation and Development, Egypt
Risty Restia
Risty Restia Head of Health Financing, Digital Transformation Office (DTO), Indonesia
Annisa Cantika
Annisa Cantika Senior Product Manager, Digital Transformation Office, Ministry of Health Republic of Indonesia
Asseel Shawabkeh
Asseel Shawabkeh IT Auditor, IT DBA, IT DEVELOPER, Audit Bureau of Jordan, Jordan
Biljana Molan Klisarova 
Biljana Molan Klisarova  Experienced Policy and Programme Officer Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia
Cinara Vila
Cinara Vila Lawyer, Novo Hamburgo Department of Economic Development, Brazil
Claudia Alin Escoto
Claudia Alin Escoto Subdirector National Institute of transparency, Access to Information and Persoal Data Protection, Mexico
Dina Danif Richani 
Dina Danif Richani  Analyst, UCL, United Kingdom
Jermaine Jewel Jean-pierre 
Jermaine Jewel Jean-pierre  Project Manager - Caribbean Digital Transformation Project - Project Implementation Unit, Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica
Duaa AlShdifat
Duaa AlShdifat Digital transformation policies and strategies Researcher, Ministry of digital economy and entrepreneurship, Jordan
Elise Kaneza 
Elise Kaneza  Head of Systems Control, Change Management and Quality Assurance BURUNDAIS REVENUE OFFICE (O.B.R), Burundi
Eman Sawalha
Eman Sawalha Computer Trainer, Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Jordan
Findy Idoliany
Findy Idoliany Product Manager, Digital Transformation Office, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia
Gema Avellaneda
Gema Avellaneda Specialist in Management of Digital Services and Platforms Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Peru
Jannet Rafaela Rodriguez Sagredo
Jannet Rafaela Rodriguez Sagredo Architect, Autority of regulation ando fiscaly of telecomonucations and transportation, Bolivia
Grace Nyakanini
Grace Nyakanini Project Manager Digital Economy Initiative, Smart Africa Secretariat, Kenya
Larise Nyenty 
Larise Nyenty  Deputy State Counsel, Ministry of Justice, Cameroon

Meet the mentors!

Take a look at the diverse group of mentors by clicking here!

Timeline of the Challenge

Week 1 - 13th to 17th of November 2023: Introduction to GovStack

Aim of the Week: Introduction to GovStack, GovStack’s Building Blocks, and core concepts.

Week 2 - 20th to 24th of November 2023: Service Design from AS-IS to TO-BE

Aim of the Week: Participants focus on citizen-centric digital service design based on user needs and life events.

Week 3 - 27th of November to1st of Decmber 2023: Architecture, non-functional & security requirements
Aim of the week: Participants delve into GovStack architecture, and non-functional & security requirements.
Week 4 - 4th to 8th December 2023: Information Mediator (IM BB) & cross-border services

Aim of the Week: Participants delve into GovStack specifications for Information Mediator while learning the importance and challenges of achieving national and cross-border interoperability.

Week 5 -15th to 19th of January 2024: Identity (ID BB)
Aim of the Week: Participants delve into GovStack specifications for Identity Building Block, highlighting the importance of protecting online identities in an increasingly interconnected world.
Week 6 - 22nd to 26th of January 2024: Payments (Pay BB)
Aim of the Week: Participants will gain a deep understanding of GovStack specifications for payment building block.
Week 7 - 29th of January to 2nd of February 2024: Change Management
Aim of the Week: Participants delve into the principles and practices of change management, equipping participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively navigate organizational transformations.
Week 8 - 5th to 9th of February 2024: Leading digital
Aim of the week: Participants will delve into the principles and practices of effective leadership, equipping themselves with knowledge and skills to unlock their full leadership potential.
14th & 15th of February 2024: Final presentations
Aim of the Week: Teams will present their final projects.
March 13th: Graduation

Teams that complete the challenge will be recognized by GovStack.

17th April 2024: Pitch rehersal for WSIS 2024

The showcase of the best projects at WSIS 2024 will be rehearsed.

27th to 31st May 2024: Presentation of the project in the CIO Digital Leaders Forum & Project fellowship

The best projects will be showcased at the WSIS 2024.

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