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Ukraine's progress in digital transformation

Learn about how Ukraine is delivering on their commitment of making 100% of public services available online. In this session, Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Executive covers:

  • How Diia, the flagship government application, introduced a new level of interaction between the state and the citizens
  • Why making digital government services “simple, invisible, and humane” was instrumental to driving their uptake in Ukraine
  • How Ukraine achieved a multi-ministerial, multi-nodal approach to integration of digital government services
  • How Ukrainians enjoy easy access to 15 government services enabled by the following digital documents:
    • ID card
    • foreign biometric passport
    • student card
    • driver’s license
    • vehicle registration certificate
    • vehicle insurance policy
    • tax number
    • birth certificate
    • IDP certificate
    • green covid-certificate
    • yellow covid-certificate

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