What are Building Blocks​?

Building blocks are enterprise-ready, reusable software components that provide key functionality facilitating generic workflows across multiple sectors.​


  • Reusable software components​
  • Open-source, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), or freely available with open access to data​
  • Facilitates one or more generic workflows​
  • Applicable to multiple use cases across multiple sectors​
  • Interoperable with other ICT Building Blocks​
  • Designed for scalability and extensibility​
  • Standards-based​

For extended definition around building block criteria, please see this draft document. We welcome any expert feedback on what makes a building block adherent to these core characteristics as outlined in this technical draft.

Our Frequently Asked Questions address some of the common questions about using building blocks. For any other questions, contact us.

For detailed description of each identified building block, please visit each card below. 

Read the Specifications

GovStack is defining the specifications, or functional requirement descriptions, for the foundational building blocks that are needed for eGovernment services. Based on these specifications, digital products can be developed, and existing products can be tested for compliance with the specifications and adapted if necessary. Think of it as a checklist to ensure your software stack is scalable, optimized for innovation, and built to last. 

Dive deeper into the wave 1 GovStack Building Block Specifications.


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