Call for Experts

We are actively looking for experts to strengthen our community! Come join us. Currently the plan is to increase participation in several existing building block working groups. These are: ID and Authentication, Information Mediator, Payments, Digital Registries (and Registration), and Security. We are also aiming to open up other topics including but not limited to: Consent Management, e-Marketplace, Messaging, Scheduling, and Workflow and Algorithm. Please visit the Building Blocks section for detailed description of each.

Individual experts representing diverse professional and industry experience across different thematic areas are most welcome. The expected contribution may include (a) expert inputs and observation (b) active participation in working groups to support development of requirement specification for individual building block areas (c) or supporting design and development of an underlying architectural blueprint.

Individuals should meet the following criteria:

  • Must have 5+ years of experience in software development (or a blend of implementation and product ownership)
  • Demonstrable experience, or strong understanding and engagement with Open Source Software
  • Experience as technical expert in designing and implementing digital government strategy at-large or other sectoral/ministerial services
  • Expertise in specific building block area and related design and issues (see “Building Blocks”)
  • Experience formulating technical requirements and specifications for the designated area or digital component
  • Ability to articulate, draft and formulate technical requirements and referencing best practices and design approach from different countries and solution contexts that could be reapplied in resource-constrained environment​
  • Expert knowledge of applicable standards and best practices and how they relate or are applied for the designated building block topic to ensure interoperability, security by design, data privacy, etc.
  • General knowledge in enterprise/whole-of-government architectural approaches, design methodologies, and frameworks and how those could be implemented at country level​
  • Active experts must be able to commit at an initial 20% of the full-time equivalent (FTE) over a 6-month course (if only to be consulted or participate in an observer manner, please specify)
  • Must have high degree of neutrality
  • (optional) Experience in leading and managing a working group
Recall that the project has three high-level outputs
  1. Knowledge products to inform the common platform design including a set of design specifications (functionality, interface, system feature, non-technical requirement, operating environment) of a digital component (Building Block) and the resulting architectural blueprint and related artifacts on system-level integration and interoperability among the specified building blocks.
  2. Proof-of-Concept Reference Implementation: a minimum viable product based on design specification to create a sandbox where one can experiment for testing building blocks integration for the initial use cases defined.
  3. Establish and sustain all common SDG platforms. Pilot and establish proper operating model to set up the right entity structure to further expand on design and services of the platform, sustain its development, and addresses country needs.

We especially encourage women and/or non-binary individuals, BIPOC, and individuals working at partner governments in low-resource settings to participate.

Financial assistance/remuneration

We aim to provide financial coverage to those that wish to participate on a case-by-case basis, with priority of allocating to those coming from low-resource setting and that can actively commit at the minimum FTE stated above.

A word on managing potential conflict of interest

Some mechanisms to ensure unbiased participation by all parties and circumvent possible influence by special unilateral interests that will directly or indirect produce gain to the individual or their represented corporation:

  • Technical Advisory Group comprised of neutral stakeholders independent of commercial ties or representations of special interests to act as a final decision body to review and rectify all technical outputs.
  • Individuals representing or associated with any product, design model, technological offering, membership organization, etc. shall declare all such ties.
  • Individuals representing private companies cannot serve as leads in working groups.
  • As much as possible, experts would be contractually recruited at an individual level rather than as a service from a private entity.
  • In the event corporate sponsorship is involved, declaration will be made in the group and publicly.
  • Open by default as way of release all project outputs.
  1. Individual expression of interest with relevant documentations can be provided below or to our email at
  2. Each candidate should state briefly in an accompanying message with their submission their experience and expertise domains in relation to individual building blocks. (Refer to the “Building Blocks”).
  3. Submit a CV along with other background references (public profiles, links to publications, etc.).
  4. The submission is open until the July 30, 2022 and successful candidates will be contacted in the beginning of August.

The project shall acknowledge all the contributions made by individuals, organizations or countries both in-kind and financially to realize the objectives of the project.

  • Please mark, which of the Building Blocks would you like to participate in.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf, Max. file size: 50 MB, Max. files: 10.
      (JPG, PNG, PDF, max. File Size 2 GB)

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