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Provides set of capacity building activities to deepdive into the GovStack approach to gain a clear understanding of how it can be made use of in countries’ concrete use cases.  Participants who should come from different line ministries and digital government units will gain a comprehensive understanding of GovStack technical specifications and Architecture and improve the service design capacity of governments and local ecosystem players to develop trusted and interoperable digital government services using the Building Block approach. Both public and private stakeholders will master how to develop use cases based on the GovStack and be able to start the implementation immediately.

Who's this package best suited for?

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Senior Management, middle managers, architects, heads of digital government teams, technical leads, service owners, service designers and engineers
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Organizations looking to comprehend how the GovStack approach
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Digital team

Teams looking to use the govstack approach for their digital development prograns

This package helps you

  • Gain a deep understanding of GovStack specifications and offerings focusing on overall architecture and selected Building Blocks required to enable egovernment use cases. 
  • Identify a roadmap for short and medium/long term GovStack adoption. 
  • Exchange of any emerging practice from the country which can be used to further enhance GovStack

Activites included in the package

Preparatory phase
  • Facilitate remote targeted orientation sessions to select Building Blocks.  
  • Utilize the GovStack Playbook (remotely) to shortlist high-priority use cases.  
  • Identify the target audience for selected use cases. 
  • Share and iterate an overview of the GovStack ENABLE package for them. 
  • Optionally, conduct a basic assessment of the existing country tech. 
Deepdive Training phase
  • Conduct a comprehensive 5day workshop covering: 
  • Overview of GovStack, its architecture and security measures. 
  • In-depth exploration of relevant GovStack Building Blocks for the identified use case(s)   
  • High-level analysis of use cases with targeted line ministries (in cooperation with team on ground).  


Post training phase
  • Propose a high-level solution blueprint and to be user journey. 
  • Suggest a roadmap for the subsequent steps to rapidly prototype a selected high-priority use case. 

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