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GovStack in Tallinn Digital Summit 2021

GovStack in Tallinn Digital Summit 2021
Sep 7, 2021

Watch the panel talking about building digital public infrastructure.

Globally, governments consistently reinvent the wheel in the deployment of different digital services. What if we could create reusable and interoperable building blocks that could be utilized in different governments as digital public goods? In many cases, government digital services are stuck in legacy components that do not provide the necessary flexibility and do not adapt to ever-changing conditions and expectations fast enough. aims to tackle these problems on the global scale. Using world leading best practices we know we can empower governments to take ownership of their digital futures by building more effective and cost-efficient digital government services.

Moderator: Nele Leosk, Ambassador at Large for Digital Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Estonia


– Hani Eskandar, Senior Coordinator at the Digital Society Division of the Telecommunication Development Bureau of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

– Kate Wilson, CEO of the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) at the United Nations Foundation

– Liv Marte Kristiansen Nordhaug, Secretariat Co-Lead, Digital Public Goods Alliance Policy Director, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation

– Tony Shannon, Head of Digital Services, Office of Government Chief Information Officer at Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, Ireland

– Lacina Koné, Director General, Smart Africa

– David Roos, Deputy Head Sector Programme Digital Development

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