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GovStack Building Blocks are growing. Join us and contribute with your expertise in different technology domains in the preparation of technical specifications of GovStack Building Blocks.

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Technical Community

GovStack Tech Community consists of: 

  • Building Block Working Groups (BB WG) 
  • Technical & Operations Group 
  • Technical Committee 

Building Block Working Groups (BB WG) 

Aim: Develop each building block’s unique specifications, and ensure interoperability with other building blocks 

Opportunities to get involved: 

  • Further develop specifications and/or general non-functional requirements of building blocks 
  • Design (popular) digital governance use cases 
  • Draft proof of concepts for use case implementation based on building blocks​ 
  • Match your product with BB specs​ 
  • List as GovStack BB compliant​ 

Technical & Operations Group 

Aim: Deal with all the technical decisions/recommendations that are needed to build the GovStack environment including: 

1)  Sandbox and Demo Use cases implementation and,  

2) Cross-BB interaction (including internal reviewing BB specs) 

Opportunities to get involved: 

  • Look at how integration can be achieved between BBs and with external applications, etc.  
  • Coordinate and lead on technical matters that are related to the implementation of the Sandbox  
  • Provide support and input into future procurement processes  
  • Work on finalizing the set of use cases  
  • Work on the implementation of the first demo use case 
  • Implement internal reviews of BB specs documents and provide feedback   
  • Work with the “Product Team” to understand new business requirements and their implications 
  • Work closely with BB implementers to ensure that they are compliant with GovStack specifications 

Technical Committee 

Aim: Revise the technical specifications in response to new requirements and to provide technical assistance to country governments and trusted partners 

Opportunities to get involved: 

  • Review and add new updates out of research and address compatibility into existing outputs 
  • Contribute to technical review of requirements​ 
  • Encourage contributions and evaluate contribution maturity​ 
  • Ensure constant communication with other GovStack Committee and be responsive to community input

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are topic related or regional exchange forums to share knowledge and experiences related to the GovStack approach. The current CoPs are the following:

  • Technical Review Committee 
  • Digital Leaders Forum
  • GovStack CoP in cooperation with the Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA)

Technical Review Committee

Aim: Provide an impartial opinion on results provided by the building block working groups.

Opportunities to get involved: 

  • Provide expert guidance to each BB WG
  • Advise on output formats and mode of work e.g. where to properly document BB specification, suggestion on version control methods/tools, on release and management of end deliverables 
  • Review, validate, approve final deliverables at each milestone
  • Inform BB WG and Governance Committee of challenges and propose solutions

CIO Digital Leaders Forum

Aim: Exchange knowledge to strengthen the global GovStack community 

Opportunities to get involved: 

  • Participate in CIO Digital Government Leaders Forum events to exchange best practices with other e-government leaders and learn from experience of other countries.
  • Share respective country (implementation) experience

GovStack CoP in cooperation with the Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA)

Aim: Map and identify opportunities to collaborate and extend existing work related to facilitating the discovery, development, use of, and investment of digital public goods and digital public infrastructure for the GovStack

  • Identify potential DPGs that are likely to also comply with building blocks specifications
  • Identify existing DPGs that can be used to inform specifications of building blocks – where these specifications are not yet in place/still evolving
  • Create alignment and coordination for how to accelerate the discovery of these DPG Building Blocks eg. via a digital marketplace

Opportunities to get involved:

  • Participate in bi-monthly discussion rounds to exchange on DPGs as well as definitions for building blocks and Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI)
  • Share best practices with and learn from other experts
  • Contribute to the publication of GovStack relevant definitions (e.g. building blocks, DPI)

See their recent work: GovStack Definitions: Understanding the Relationship between Digital Public Infrastructure, Building Blocks & Digital Public Goods

Reference Implementation Country

Aim: Become a key partner for regional piloting and incorporating GovStack into country-level digitalization strategies

Opportunities to get involved:

  • Introduce decision makes, subject matter experts and IT experts to the GovStack approach 
  • Integrate the GovStack in existing IT landscape 
  • Identify and design a use case that can be implemented in GovStack Sandbox 
  • Showcase prototyped use case or BB implementation
  • Develop Capacity on GovStack & Whole-of-Government
  • Develop digital strategies based on BB approach together with Digital Readiness Studies
  • Participate in knowledge-exchange to strengthen the global GovStack community by joining Forums and high-level panels representing the GovStack initiative

To learn more about how to become a Reference Implementation Country please follow the link.

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