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Technical Community

The Technical Community’s primary role is to develop the building block specifications at the heart of the GovStack project. Each building block has a dedicated working group that collaborates to work in their area of expertise and coordinates closely with the Technical and Product Committees to ensure consistency across building blocks.

Procurement Activities

We periodically request proposals for technical partners to support various activities. To learn more about potential opportunities, visit our Procurement page.

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice (CoPs) are topic-related or regional exchange forums to share knowledge and experiences related to the GovStack approach.

The current CoPs:

CIO Digital Leaders Forum

Aim: The Digital Leaders Forum provides a space for the exchange of best practices between e-government leaders. Hosted at various conferences and events, it is an opportunity to learn from the experiences of other countries. The forum helps to ensure that our service offering is informed by global best practices.

Opportunities to get involved: 

  • Participate in CIO Digital Leaders Forum events to exchange best practices with other e-government leaders and learn from the experiences of other countries

GovStack CoP in cooperation with the Digital Public Goods Alliance (DPGA)

This CoP aims to map and identify opportunities to collaborate and extend existing work related to facilitating the discovery, development, use of, and investment of digital public goods and digital public infrastructure.

Opportunities to get involved:

  • Participate in bi-monthly discussion rounds to exchange on DPGs as well as definitions for building blocks and Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI)

See their recent work: GovStack Definitions: Understanding the Relationship between Digital Public Infrastructure, Building Blocks & Digital Public Goods

Reference Implementation Country

Aim: Become a key partner for regional piloting and incorporating GovStack into country-level digitalization strategies. The GovStack approach can be incorporated into policy and can also guide the design, prototype, and scaling of digital services. Partner with GovStack to implement a building block approach to government-wide digital transformation. 

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