News & Events / Digital Leaders Spotlight: Digital Livestock Services, Bangledesh

Digital Leaders Spotlight: Digital Livestock Services, Bangledesh

Digital Leaders Spotlight  Digital Livestock Services, Bangledesh

A finalist in the 2023 WSIS Digital Service Design Special Prize, Digital Livestock Services provides farmers with easier access to veterinary services, saving farmers time and money.

The Service was developed by the Upazila Livestock Office and Veterinary Hospital in Bangledesh.


  • Bangladesh’s first and largest online veterinary service platform
1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere
2: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture
3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all
5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls
8: Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all
9: Build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation
12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns
17: Revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development
AL C1. The role of governments and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICTs for development
AL C3. Access to information and knowledge
AL C7. ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life — E-government


Veterinary services for livestock can represent a significant challenge for farmers: To get the services of the Livestock Department, the service recipient has to come to the Upazila Livestock Department and Veterinary Hospital, which incurs travel costs and lost labor hours. In addition, the time these visits take can result in the animals dying before treatment is received.

An adaptable, lightweight solution was needed that could be developed despite resource constraints. The new service enables farmers to access veterinary services through a phone call, online, live chat, or video call from home. S


The Digital Livestock Services brings many of the government services directly to farmers. It started in 2015 with initial services, followed by an app and digital prescription services in 2017. In 2018, learned programming and web application were implemented, and a livestock market in 2020 and 2021. As of 2022, E-Training, Big Data and Hospital Network activities are ongoing.

Key components of digital service:

Identity: Using mobile numbers to identify farmers, veterinarians are identified with their Bangladesh Veterinary Council Registration number. In addition, a foundational ID provides cross-sectoral applications to verify user identity and enable any service that a user has access credentials for, such as e-prescription and e-training or e-learning.

Payments: The payments building block facilitates the  livestock and livestock products marketplace, and is used for online payment services, payment for online course enrolment, payment during booking of veterinary services, purchase of medicines or feed, and more.

Registration: The registration building blocks enables capture of information about farming, livestock, and other areas across a wide variety of areas.

Consent Management: Consent management enables farmers to control what data veterinarians can collect, and the use or disclosure of personal information.

Scheduling: A booking system enables booking of appointments as well as reminders for vaccinations and online courses.

Analytics: Enables the tracking of key surveillance data points, including disease incidence, morbidity/mortality rates, density, distribution, etc.

To learn more about building blocks, visit the GovStack Specifications


  • 30,000+ monthly website visitors
  • 90,97,114 livestock and poultry services of 3465 farmers in 157 upazilas.
  • 1,025 veterinarians in 293 upazilas
  • 4,909 digital prescriptions

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