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Egypt @ CIO Digital Leaders Forum

Egypt @ CIO Digital Leaders Forum

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Egypt’s digital journey

Key Takeaways on Egypt’s digital journey

  • Egypt’s motivation to adopt the concept of Govstack.
  • Challenges the government face in public, e.g., fragmentation, the lack of standard of interoperability between the different government agencies.
  • Govstack is the solution to shorten the government affairs’ process, as well as reducing the cost of the process and hide the boundaries of the individual organizations from the citizens so that it makes the latter more domain based.
  • Strategic directions for digital transformation: Improved services & experience – collaborative government: enabled agences, platform-based applications, data-driven polices, abundant trusted infrastructure, institutional development.
  • To achieve the above target, the key architecture principles are: hybrid clould, digital by design, streamlining & standardization, emerging technologies (AI, blockchain, etc.), and innovation.

Key Takeaways

Whatever the vision or the the mission of the organization or for the project of digital transformation, one thing remains the same, that we are moving the government to be more and more seamless, more and more effective, more and more interoperable as a concept of connected government. And the the key architecture principles are crucial to achieve such vision.

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