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Estonia @ CIO Digital Leaders Forum

Estonia @ CIO Digital Leaders Forum

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Key Takeaways on Estonia’s digital journey

Country Context

  • 1996: Tiger’s leap program
  • 2000: Online tax filing
  • 2001: x-Road interoperability
  • 2002: Chip-based ID card
  • 2005: Internet voting
  • 2007: Mobile ID
  • 2008: Use of blockchain
  • 2014: e-Residency

Key Takeaways

For Estonia, building flexible and adaptable digital government services requires being domain-driven and decentralized. Building on interoperable and reusable components, especially public, open-source technologies, support the ability to have a responsive government.
To ensure that these decentralized services can securely interoperate, X-Road, an open source data exchange solution, facilitates the process through security servers. It provides a standardized and secure method for the production and consumption of services.

The Future

For future digital growth and successful digital government services, Estonia is investing in its people through ensuring high quality of education and capabilities so that everyone can get online.

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