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Estonia @ CIO Digital Leaders Forum

Estonia @ CIO Digital Leaders Forum

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Country Context

Estonia’s digital government aims to be citizen-centric, in order to create a fertile basis for future growth and innovation. Building a digital ecosystem that is tailored to a small country means leveraging technologies like AI.

Key Takeaways

Estonia has built a citizen-centric model that is centered around life events, built around key principles of:

Almost all Estonian departments have some sort of AI component in use or in development.

  • Over 100 AI projects in the public sector (aiming for 130+ for 2023)
  • Over 40 organizations using AI (aiming for 60+ in 2023)
  • Over 40 reusable AI components on
  • Aiming to have over 10 public services with an AI

Building on the myth of the kratt, Estonian use of AI tries to balance the benefits with the risks, such as through their AI strategy. Estonia’s AI strategy has added components on using data as an enabler, and future editions look to include elements on collaboration and reusability.

The Future

Estonia is planning to launch Bürokratt, a government virtual assistant for people, making it easy to access services through a device/channel agnostic methods.

Estonia is working to enhance data search and accessibility, ensure data quality, foster collaboration, work towards scalability, and tackle privacy concerns.

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