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Peru @ CIO Digital Leaders Forum

Peru @ CIO Digital Leaders Forum

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Key takeaways on Peru’s digital journey

How Peru built the foundation for the transformation of public services

  • The national system of digital transformation is a state policy. However, it is not just about legal and institutional reforms, but also cultural change. The Digital Transformation Office set out to understand the ways in which citizens exercise their digital citizenship during the different life stages. With this understanding, they could understand how to best increase and optimize citizen’s digital interactions with government.
  • Participation is the basic principle in the design of transversal policies and strategies. The government worked with the private sector and civil society to co-design and promote the ecosystem of detailed services in Peru. For example, in partnership with the financial sector, they increased the use of digital payments and promoted the digital payments in supply market during the pandemic.
  • They built a digital platform and continued to invest in it. This resulted in improved government efficiency, and for example, allowed them to quicken the execution of pensions during the pandemic.

What’s next?

  • Strengthen Peru’s digital security strategy by adopting GovStack’s digital cybersecurity guidelines
  • Implement a strategy for the green management of ICT in government by adopting GovStack’s green purchasing guidelines
  • Allow people to schedule meetings with government institutions
  • Enable service channels for vulnerable citizens
  • Improve direct communication between citizens and entities

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