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Rwanda @ CIO Digital Leaders Forum

Rwanda @ CIO Digital Leaders Forum

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Introducing the journey to SMART Rwanda, and it’s principles

  • Enterprise architecture (no silos)
  • Cloud-first approach
  • Agile & citizen-centric
  • Default priority of mobile access
  • Reusability: Infrastructure sharing
  • Security & privacy by design
  • Open: open standards, open data, open source
  • Interoperability & data sharing
  • Adoption of emerging technologies wherever possible
  • Public-private partnerships

This session covers

  • Rwanda’s journey on building a One-Stop-Shop to promote a simplified way for citizens and businesses to access all government services. Within the One-Stop-Shop concept, vertical solutions can be built up, including enabling Digital Health, Law, and others. Integration and automation within the government entities is an enabler.
  • Architecture of Rwanda’s digital government platform
  • Future roadmap to develop and scale the following platforms:
    • Government Web Presence Platform
    • E-Services Portal
    • Interoperability Platform
    • Government Business Intelligence Platform
    • Communication and Collaboration Platform
    • Digital ID
    • Data Hub
    • Low-code Platform (New)
    • Al & Analytics (New)
    • Consent Management (New)

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