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Saudi Arabia @ CIO Digital Leaders Forum

Saudi Arabia @ CIO Digital Leaders Forum

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Country Context

Saudi Arabia was ranked first on the Global AI Index in the Arab countries, and 26th globally.


Vision 2030 is Saudi Arabia’s longer term objectives,  which established the Saudi Data and AI Authority was established. It developed the National Strategy for Data and AI, which builds on three main pillars:

  • Development, creation, and adoption of AI technologies
  • Innovative, sustainable, practical and ethical data & AI applications
  • Attractive ecosystem, world-class infrastructure, and mores

Objectives include:

  • Position KSA as the global hub where the best of Data & AI is made reality
  • Transform KSA’s workforce with a steady local supply of Data & AI empowered talents
  • Enact the most welcoming legislation for Data & AI businesses and talents
  • Attract efficient, stable funding for qualified Data & AI investment opportunities
  • Empower top Data & AI institutions to spearhead innovation and impact creation
  • Stimulate Data & AI adoption with the most collaborative and forward thinking ecosystem

The Kingdom has been creating sandboxes to enable organizations to safely test their ideas. Recently, a FinTech sandbox became operational. The Sandboxes inform RegTech efforts.

Key applications of AI have included predictive efforts for court rulings, powering hospital services, seatbelt and phone usage during driving, and Hajj crowd management

The Future

Managing questions around bias, and privacy will continue, and Saudi Arabia aims to ensure that efforts are managed through clear accountability and governance.

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