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GovStack Research Agenda kicks off with consultations

GovStack Research Agenda kicks off with consultations
Jul 12, 2023

GovStack is starting its consultations with the research community in order to shape the GovStack research agenda. The co-design of the agenda builds on an open and collaborative process structured in three phases:

  • The initial iteration of research focus areas builds on the experience of: ​
    • Current collaboration with academia ​
    • Initial mapping of the global research community ​
    • Mutual research topics from founding partners that align with GovStack scope of work​
    • Global trends on DPI
  • Consultation process:
    • Research communities provide feedback to focus areas and express interest in master/Ph.D. & researchers’ participation in focus areas, country implementation & playbook
    • Open consultation in:​ dgo Poland; AHFE 2023, San Francisco; and other forums to come ​
  • Publishing of revised focus areas:
    • Revised focused areas and mapping exercise will be published on GovStack website between Q3/Q4 2023 ​

GovStack is looking to engage with partners that share research interests related to a citizen-centric whole-of-government approach to Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI). The following are the pre-identified focus areas so far:

  • Digital Public Infrastructure – DPI can enable and accelerate countries’ digital public and private service delivery. The proposed focus areas are on consent management, data exchange layers, identity and digital payments infrastructure, and countries’ readiness to adopt DPI
  • Data exchange – Analysis of governance models, their advantages, value, benefits, privacy, and accountability
  • Open source – DPI is an approach that emphasizes the use of Digital Public Goods (DPGs) and their corresponding regulatory and institutionalization approaches
  • Developing nexus with development Agendas – focused on AI enable services, climate, gender, and inclusion

The following questions will guide the consultation process around the pre-identified focus areas:

  • Participants’ opinions on the focus areas? ​Shall we narrow/expand them? ​
  • What areas are a higher priority? ​
  • ​What are the biggest questions for each focus area? What are the biggest challenges in answering them?
  • How can we work to ensure that we get feedback from a wide range of stakeholders?
  • What is the best way to engage with the research community?

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