Global Showcase / Digital Leaders Spotlight: Rwanda

Digital Leaders Spotlight: Rwanda

Digital Leaders Spotlight  Rwanda
Aug 30, 2023


By the end of 2024 the Government of Rwanda (GoR) wants to digitise all 600 of its remaining analogue services. To achieve this goal, processes need to be standardised, clustered and run systematically on one platform. The citizen platform “Irembo” is running most of the offered services. To close the gap and digitise all services, GovStack is rolled out in Rwanda.

GovStack approach

GovStack builds capacities throughout the Rwandan IT ecosystem both on the governmental and the non- governmental level. It focuses on:

  • Awareness building for public and private stakeholders through training, participation at conferences, and workshops, focusing primarily on local private implementation entities, government clients, and government institutions.
  • Capacity Building by enabling civil servants to understand and use the GovStack approach for improved service implementation.
  • Operationalisation of the GovStack approach by strengthening and developing implementation capacity in Rwanda.
  • Technical support for government ministries adopting the GovStack approach using four building blocks; and for the implementation of use cases, to establish evidence for GovStack’s value proposition of a speedier way to digitise government services

Where we stand

Since 2022, the GovStack approach has been rolled out throughout Rwanda supporting the digitisation of government services. Achievements to date include:

  • 200 government websites have been developed supporting the GovStack Content Management Building Block, improving security and access to consolidated government information for citizens.
  • Based on the GovStack Workflow Building Block, the GoR is developing a tree plantation tracker, a platform to finance refugee services, a service registry, as well as a training management system for civil servants.
  • Civil Servants are contributing to the GovStack Consent Management Building Block and Workflow Management Building Block working group.
  • A government business intelligence solution/reporting solution was rolled out using the overarching GovStack Enterprise Architecture.
  • In cooperation with the Worldbank, the Government of Rwanda is incorporating the GovStack consent building block into the new Single Digital ID system.

Next Steps

As a global pioneer, the GoR has passed a law to extend producer responsibility in the production of electronic goods. The implementation of the groundbreaking digital system for the so called “Extended Producer Responsibility” (EPR) e-service will be based on the GovStack approach. Through the ERP use case, GovStack is contributing to e-waste reduction in Rwanda and supporting the twin transition of green and digital value chains. The roll-out of the EPR use case starts in the fall of 2023.

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Digital Leaders Spotlight  Rwanda

Digital Leaders Spotlight: Rwanda

By the end of 2024 the Government of Rwanda (GoR) wants to digitise all 600 of its remaining analogue services.

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